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About the Individual Learning Centre

Welcome to ILC!

Standard Curriculum . . . Different Approach

The Individual Learning Centre (ILC) has two primary locations.  Broadmead and Saanichton

Both primary locations support school age students (under 19) who are working toward Ministry of Education graduation in courses Grade 9-12. Both primary campus locations offer unique learning environments where interdisciplinary teams work together to support students. Parents comment that there is a closeness and quality of time spent with each student that enhances students self esteem and self confidence to become responsible for their own growth and ability to make quality choices.  All students develop a Personal Education Plan (PEP) that delineates personal hopes and dreams as well as direction and goals.


Students working independently with the teacher circulating and sitting with students. The course material is NOT designed to be self directed. This course material is created to be delivered in a FACE TO FACE format with the teacher personalizing the curriculum to best meet student interest and need. The teachers and educational assistants support students and ensure focus is on learning and personal conversations are kept to a minimum. Students in this learning environment work one on one with the teaching staff.


Friendly, Safe, Inclusive and Productive. Students are accountable to their learning time; they understand where they are in the courses; they have a clear plan in their student planner.


Quiet and Stress-Free; any conversations about attendance or progress are done privately. Some students have confidential reasons for their progress and we want to be respectful and maintain student/teacher confidentiality. Student code of conduct for behaviour is followed. Any questions or concerns need to be brought to administration.

Our School Plan

Setting goals is an important part of school planning.  Please find our detailed school plan here.