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STAC Skills Training Apprenticeship Carpentry

STAC Skills Training Apprenticeship Carpentry

Let's Build!

Students are immersed in the "Level One" Carpentry curriculum where they learn the basics of constructing a wood frame structure from the bare ground to the roof top.  Students learn both theoretical knowledge and practical application of skills and concepts related to the trade.  Please contact your career teacher for more information.

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Students who successfully complete the Saanich Carpentry program may transition to Camosun College to participate in a regular 7-week Level One Carpentry Apprenticeship class.

  • WWK 11 4 credits 
  • WWK 12 4 credits 
  • STX 12B 4 credits 
  • WRK* 11A 4 credits 
  • WRK* 11B 4 credits 
  • WRK* 12A 4 credits 
  • WRK* 12B 4 credits
  • TRN** 12A 4 credits 
  • TRN** 12B 4 credits

*   Youth Work in Trades
** Youth Train in Trades